Book Launch This Friday!

Book Launch & Release Date Announcement

I’ve been off-the-grid from Pascha and finals, and pre-sales have officially ended, but I’m determined not to leave you hanging — I’m PSYCHED to announce that I will be publishing In the Frigid Ruins THIS WEEK on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and any other place you can find and buy books online!

Officially, the publication date is THIS Friday, May 6th — releasing at 5pm EST!

eBook SALE!

Not only that, but to go with it, I’ll be having a 30-day-ONLY sale of 99 CENTS for my eBook, from the publication date of May 6th to June 5th, before the eBook price goes up to $4.99, so get it for an 80% discount while you can, and leave a review!

I’ve been working a lot behind the scenes on this, and I cannot wait to share the second part of this series with you, and to hear what you all think!

How to Support / New Social Media

Leave a comment or review – every single review on Amazon and Goodreads helps IMMENSELY, not only with the algorithm, but also in letting me know what you like and what you’d want to see in book number 3!

I also recently joined Twitter and Pinterest, so feel free to follow me on there!

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