Publishing Announcement + More!

Book Now Available to Order

FINALLY, after another year of grinding, I’m happy to announce that the second book of my “A Return to the Ashes” series is out! Here’s the book description for a rough idea of what the book’s about in continuing this saga:

     As the sequel to her fantasy novel A Return to the Ashes, Nadina Popoviciu’s In the Frigid Ruins continues exploring the world of the Continent. After two of Lumina’s best operatives disappear, and a lost Princess falls into their hands, the Phoenix relocates to deal with security threats in hopes of starting fresh from a new base. In the meantime, the question of who will be the successor to the throne looms as several realms around the Continent worry about their next generation of royalty and the distresses to come from that, from Princes’ deaths to maintaining their legacy.
     Exploring the intersection of morality and humanity, Nadina Popoviciu’s In the Frigid Ruins will leave you with the realization that modern notions are not as original as we think, but hundreds — or even thousands — of years old.

Wondering where to purchase it? Keep reading!

Where to Find + Limited-Time 80% Discount

My book’s currently available for sale on Amazon, and will soon be available on Barnes & Noble (click the hyperlink to get to the product pages). Right now, it’s offered in both paperback and eBook formats (and yes, this is compatible with Kindle and Nook).

You may also be reading this section header and wondering if it’s clickbait — and the answer is nope! For the first 30 days (from today till June 5th) of my book’s availability, I will be selling the book for 99 CENTS ONLY, for you to enjoy! After that, the price will go back up to $4.99, so grab your copy while you can, and let me know what you think of it!

New RedBubble Merch!

To go along with the release of my book, I also have released a new design, with the same cover design as that on my book! (Fun fact: I designed the bird on the cover myself!) If you’re a fan of how it looks, check it out here on RedBubble and spoil yourself a little with the product, whether in a t-shirt, baseball cap, bag, or other merch. 🙂

How to Support/Where to Find Me

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING at this moment right now is to hear from YOU, especially through:

  • Amazon reviews (!!!)
  • Goodreads reviews
  • Comments on posts with what you like, what I could change, and what more you’d want to see

These all aren’t only good for the algorithm and promotion; they also give me the chance to hear what YOU like and what else I can do to improve and continue creating content you enjoy.

And finally, you can expect this not to be the final installment of the series — there’s still a lot more I have planned in terms of content, books, and products that you’ll want to keep in touch with. The easiest places you can find this is on my blog (already here!) and my But I’m also available on a ton of other platforms where you can hear from me:

As usual, comment below with what else you’d like to see me post or talk more about — I can’t wait to hear more of what you think!

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