Publishing Announcement + More!

Book Now Available to Order Where to Find + Limited-Time 80% Discount! New RedBubble Merch! How to Support Book Now Available to Order FINALLY, after another year of grinding, I’m happy to announce that the second book of my “A Return to the Ashes” series is out! Here’s the book description for a rough ideaContinue reading “Publishing Announcement + More!”

One Day Left + Final Sneak Peek!

There’s only ONE DAY until I officially release and publish my second book, In the Frigid Ruins! I’ve felt so blessed to have your support on this, and I cannot wait to hear from you what you think!
With that and more exciting announcements coming soon, I wanted to share one more sneak peek with you before publication — this time from Jasper’s POV. Read it below, comment what you think, and if you like what you see, stay tuned for updates and links to order the new book!

In the Frigid Ruins Excerpt – A Sneak Peek through Dragan’s Eyes!

For the first time ever, I’ll be sharing a piece from my upcoming book, In the Frigid Ruins — for free! Read it below, comment what you think, and if you like what you see, go to to pre-order your copy to get next month!

March Updates!

What I’ve Been Up To New Merchandise Alert! What to Expect Next How to Support! What I’ve Been Up To I realize there has been a bit of silence on my website and social media the past few months. Truth be told, there’s been a lot going on, from school to writing to administrative bookContinue reading “March Updates!”


There’s been a lot going on lately: finishing final projects, spending time with family, buying gifts for loved ones while hoping someone doesn’t open the wrong Amazon package, developing my creative skills, and trying to budget time for this upcoming round of edits for In the Frigid Ruins. Despite growing up with social media, I’mContinue reading “21.12.2021”