Thanksgiving Blessings and Black Friday Announcements!

This past week, I had the privilege of spending time in the tranquil atmosphere of rural Pennsylvania — working on digital strategy and next steps for my book series, while reflecting on my journey so far. I am incredibly thankful for the family, friends, and colleagues who have supported and advised me along the way. I must thank God especially, for the blessings and lessons He has sent me through people, opportunities, and tribulations. Hopefully, I can continue serving others in the best way I can, according to His will, and I wish for everyone to feel this sort of love at least at one point or another in their lifetime.

I’ve been so happy to see the positive reaction to my work so far, and I am blessed by the friends and family asking how they can support me. Besides buying the book, the best way is engagement!

You can support me by following my Instagram page (@nadinapopoviciu), subscribing to my website, liking the “A Return to the Ashes” Facebook page, or by shopping through the new merchandise on the RedBubble shop I opened up!

If you’re looking for something to gift a friend or family member for the holidays, (especially if they’re a fan of the book), you can get 20-60% off merchandise with the code “CYBER5” from November 26th through the 30th! And if you have any requests, send them through the links above — I’d be more than happy to hear from you!

Happy Thanksgiving — I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Adding into the Mix

I’ve been super excited to be getting so much support from you all during this time, and so thankful for those who have already pre-ordered!

With this thanksgiving in mind, I figured I would express this in the form of a gift bag – the first 250 paperback orders that will have taken place before Christmas will be entered to win a $80 gift bag for free, to be delivered along with your copy of the sequel (and the new sequel’s sigil added to the merchandise, once determined).

Order your copy now at the Shop!

Pre-Sale Announcement!

That time of year is coming up again – what time of year, you ask?

I’ve immensely enjoyed the feedback, love, and support that I’ve gotten from friends and strangers alike in the past six months. That being said, I’ve also heard a lot of people talk to me about their (completely warranted) frustration with the ending. (Y’all didn’t really think I would leave you hanging for too long, did you?)

That being said, I’m PSYCHED to officially announce that for the past few months, I’ve been working on the sequel to “A Return to the Ashes”! I’ve submitted my manuscript’s first draft for editing, and have gotten the green light for it, under the working title “In the Frigid Ruins,” with new developments, characters, and kingdoms revealed in the same world, and expected publication in May 2022.

Pre-sale for this sequel will start today, with a sale that goes through Friday, and I look forward to telling you guys more in the coming months – and if you haven’t yet, check out the first book, “A Return to the Ashes,” on Amazon and Nook right now!

Thanks again for all the support!